Reading Cannabis Labels

Cannabis products have choices now. Flower, edibles, vapor pens, concentrates and extracts, there are new ways to consume cannabis coming out every single day. With all of this variety, we decided to explore some of the simple steps to reading a cannabis label and starting to understand what kinds of effects you could expect.

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Oregon OLCC Guide for Cannabis Categories
  1. Strain / Cultivar. This is the best indication of what kind of experience you will get. When it comes to flower, the strain name is the best way to categorize all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that make up that unique plant and can give the best consistency from one consumption to another. When it comes to cannabis products, you will want to make sure the product is made from a single strain of cannabis, otherwise, the results are much harder to predict.
  2. THC & CBD can be displayed with either a percentage (for flower, cartridges, and concentrates) and also as milligrams per serving (for edibles and tinctures). This is a good number to look at but is just one piece of the puzzle. Higher THC products tend to have heavier effects. We suggest serving sizes of about 5mg at a time, about a 5-second draw on an SBF vapor pen cartridge.
  3. Harvest Date or Product Made this date refers to the day the cannabis flower was harvested, or the day that the flower was turned into a cannabis product. This is a good piece of information to look at to get an idea of how long that product has been on the shelves. I believe that we will have “Best if Consumed by” dates on our packaging. 
Cannabis Labels
ShadowboxFarms Vapor Pen Cartridge Label

With just a few pieces of information, it is possible to start experimenting with different varieties of cannabis strains. The best part about choosing cannabis products by strain, even if you have never tried a certain product before, you can find a familiar cultivar in any product category!

By: Adam Reed