Drug Policies for Cannabis Workplaces

Everyone who works at Shadowbox has their own reason for finding their way into this industry, but we all really come together for our love and passion for cannabis. Let’s be honest, though, cannabis can make you intoxicated just like alcohol and prescription drugs can make you intoxicated. Cannabis can be a great thing. Many of use use it for our own reasons, such as dealing with medical issues or just relaxing after a long day of work. But being intoxicated at work or driving under the influence just isn’t safe, and it isn’t legal. So how do we balance the love of plant with the need to be safe and professional? First, we hire great people and we trust them. Next, we create thoughtful policies that keep us all on the same page.


Drafting a drug policy for a cannabis company was much harder than we thought. Part of our mission as a company is to break down some of those big stigmas attached to cannabis use, so our challenge was to create a thoughtful policy that would balance that mission, the laws, and the safety of our employees. We are really proud of what we’ve come up with, and I’m happy to share it with you here!


At Shadowbox Farms we strive for a safe and rewarding work environment. Employees who misuse controlled substances, prescription or illegal drugs, or alcohol pose a risk both to themselves and other staff. This behavior can have far-reaching implications, from potentially life-threatening safety incidents, to productivity issues and damage to our reputation.


We love marijuana. We can’t imagine a better or more interesting industry to work in. This passion fuels our growth and innovation. We love that our employees love growing marijuana. What we don’t love? Drug use in the workplace. Shadowbox Farms maintains a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs at work, and this includes weed.

But I Work at a Pot Farm

Being a cannabis company doesn’t mean we can be lax on safety. We proudly adhere to the same high standards of safety set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which are required of any business, as well as the strictest OLCC Compliance Rules. We also provide Workers’ Compensation coverage which requires we take all necessary measures to minimize risks in the workplace. Farm work can be inherently dangerous. Employees are more likely to make mistakes, cause accidents and end up injured when they are high. To stay safe, productive and remain the Best Team in Cannabis, at Shadowbox, we stay sober at work.

Intoxication or Use While on Duty

Employees should not be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or drugs while on duty, while on company premises, or while operating any company vehicle (including operating a personal vehicle while conducting company business).


Employees should not possess, use or sell drugs on company premises or while traveling on company business.


Employees who are visibly intoxicated at work will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Visible Intoxication

Visible intoxication is when a person’s physical and mental abilities are diminished by alcohol or drugs to a point that it can be observed by others. There are many signs of a visibly intoxicated person. Please see the OLCCs guidance on how to recognize the signs. If an employee shows a combination of several of these signs, or exhibits a significant change in behavior, that could be a strong indication that the person is intoxicated.

Drug Testing

Employees are required to cooperate with drug screenings as a condition of employment, and also following situations such as accidents or reports of visible intoxication. At this time it is not a policy of Shadowbox Farms to test for THC for potential new hires.


Prescription Drugs

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are not prohibited when taken in standard dosage and/or according to a physician’s prescription. Any employee taking prescribed or over-the-counter medications will be responsible for consulting the prescribing physician and/or pharmacist to ascertain whether the medication may interfere with safe performance of his/her job. If the use of a medication could compromise safety in any way, it is the employee’s responsibility to alert their manager or HR who can help determine the best way to avoid unsafe workplace situations (e.g., call in sick, use leave, request change of duty, etc).


Medical Marijuana Cardholders

In the state of Oregon, an accommodation can be made for medical marijuana cardholders. An employee who has a valid medical marijuana card (issued under ORS 475B.415) may consume marijuana during his or her work shift on the licensed premises as necessary for their medical condition, as long as the employee is alone, in a closed room, and not visible to others outside the room.


What does your drug policy look like at work? How has cannabis legalization changed that policy?