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As stewards of Oregon’s craft cannabis industry, we are committed to building an inclusive, transparent, and innovative community. In the process, we intend to foster career opportunities in an ethos that embodies love and respect — all while crafting high-quality products.

We demonstrate thought leadership with responsible business practices, willingness to collaborate, and a commitment to cultivating equity and trust within the industry. Through advocacy, education, and normalization we are building the future of cannabis we believe in.

What we value

  • We value Curiosity and Thinkingideas are a good thing.
  • We always strive to Assume Positive Intent.
  • We demand Operational Excellence.
  • We believe in Being Presentshow-up.
  • We welcome Honest Candor.

Lucia Bartscher | HR Admin

Wayne Becker | Director of Horticulture

Kevin Bundy | Co-Founder

Ryan Christy | Director of Farm Ops

Matt Davenport | Distribution Coordinator

Jessica Ginet | Office Manager

John “JT” Livesay | Inventory Manager

Katherine Losoya | Project Manager

Eric Malusky | Sales Manager

Josh Moreland | Facilities Manager

Kat Nelson | Compliance Manager

John Nelson | Facilities Safety Coordinator

Chelsea Olearain | Post Prod Manager

Adam Reed | Design

Justin Reed | Business Analyst

Sarah Sackett | Director of Human Resources

Thomas Tinsley | Account Manager

Tim Winner | President

Mac Zivney | Account Manager