Using the Whole Plant : The Entourage Effect

In cannabis, we often talk about the “entourage effect” to explain the whole picture of a plant’s makeup. It’s a simple idea to explain a very complex chemical process. Basically, when we talk about the “entourage effect,” it refers to the idea [...]

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It was a no-brainer. Shadowbox Farms wanted to support an amazing community event that promoted advocacy, education and normalization. When the opportunity arose to partner with the Pride Northwest organization as a sponsor for its Portland Pride Waterfront Festival, Shadowbox Farms leapt [...]

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What I’ve Learned After a Year in the Legal Recreational Cannabis Industry

A year ago, I came across an ad for an open HR position for a cannabis company It was a little risky. I had an pretty solid straight-laced resume that could open some doors, but what if I added cannabis experience to [...]

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