About Sarah Sackett

Sarah is our director of HR. As a consumer, advocate and Steward of Cannabis, Sarah spends a lot of her time considering how the industry impacts our community!

Using the Whole Plant : The Entourage Effect

In cannabis, we often talk about the “entourage effect” to explain the whole picture of a plant’s makeup. It’s a simple idea to explain a very complex chemical process. Basically, when we talk about the “entourage effect,” it refers to the idea [...]

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What I’ve Learned After a Year in the Legal Recreational Cannabis Industry

A year ago, I came across an ad for an open HR position for a cannabis company It was a little risky. I had an pretty solid straight-laced resume that could open some doors, but what if I added cannabis experience to [...]

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Drug Policies for Cannabis Workplaces

Everyone who works at Shadowbox has their own reason for finding their way into this industry, but we all really come together for our love and passion for cannabis. Let’s be honest, though, cannabis can make you intoxicated just like alcohol and [...]

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