Sun-Gown Cannabis is better than Indoor Cannabis

There, I said it. I am not saying this due to the fact that I operate a 35-acre outdoor cannabis farm. I truly believe we have been misled to believe indoor is superior to outdoor cannabis.   

It amazes me that we are one of the only industries that idolize an indoor growing environment using high-intensity lighting where the plant never ever fully develops its flavor or character. Sure one aspect like the percentage of THC could be higher or the way it looks might be superficially better, but like most things, the best cannabis is more than the sum of its parts.  

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As I was walking through the grocery store, I noticed we are willing to pay more for less pretty but more natural fruit. The waxed apple environment is completely controlled and the apple is manipulated to look “pretty” yet we will pay a premium for the apple left in its natural state. Cannabis is exactly the opposite. I hear all the time that “indoor looks prettier” and therefore demands a higher price. 

You can argue that it’s not a fair comparison, but I will go a step farther. A chicken raised in a completely controlled environment will yield more plump breasts and more meat. Though yet again, we will pay a premium for free-range chicken and we should! 

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The life cycle of the cannabis plant is an amazing thing. It needs the natural outdoors to fully develop its flavors and character. When the plant is allowed to grow being touched by the sun and the elements it develops taste profiles that cannot be replicated in a warehouse under lights with artificial spectrums. Not to mention the subtlety of each growing season affecting the profile and therefore the experience.  

I like my apples natural, my chicken free-range, and my cannabis sun-grown. I’ll leave the manipulated products to others.

Tim Winner – President & CEO