Classic Consumption

Smoking a joint has always been a special form of consumption for me. It reminds me of how my family gets together in the summer for a week every year. I look forward to sitting around the campfire as the day turns into night (leaving the younger ones down in the cabins). Those late nights have become a routine for us that I have come to treasure. We are all getting older and so much happens in the time between our yearly reunions, it seems like there is no way to keep up with it all. We talk late into the night telling stories of our victories and struggles, all while passing a joint around the circle.

Since smoking a joint has such a special place in my life, I was beyond excited to hear that our team at the farm in Williams was reimagining an old favorite. From filter to tip, they have considered every touchpoint of this classic. As our Post Production Manager, Chelsea Olearain said, “It’s all about the grind!”

Shadowbox Pre-Rolls
The Grind. If you can get this part right, it’s all smooth smoking from here. Too fine and it can cause clogs; too coarse and the paper tends to “run” (burn faster on one side vs. the other). Find the middle ground for what is just right.
The Crutch. A new common practice for the recreational market, the crutch gives you some space for your flower to cool down before you inhale it. The cooler the smoke, the less harsh it will feel. We gave our crutches some extra length for the ideal temp. Think Audrey Hepburn!
The Width. Rolling the ideal width for a joint depends on how long you have for your smoking session and how much smoke you would like per hit. A skinny roll will provide a longer, slower smoke while a thicker roll promotes higher consumption per draw with a quicker burn. We opted for the skinnier side, giving you time to dig deep into conversations.
The Tip. We found, through our internal research and experiments, that packing the tip of the joint paper down into a “crown” allowed for the most consistent cherry and fewer runs while smoking. This also leaves a cleaner appearance when showcasing the product.