Sexualization of Cannabis

Sigh. We’re still doing this? The old adage ‘sex sells’ is in full swing in the cannabis advertising sector. I was leafing [pun intended] through my High Times magazine the other day. I started paying special attention to the ads. If I generalized based on the ads in the magazine, only dudes are buying cannabis-related items.

One was a full page advertisement for a grow light company with the catchphrase ‘We turn you on’ and featured a woman in a tight, full length gown. Best part? The ad featured no image of the company’s product. Interesting.

Another, for a well-known nutrient company, features different images of nearly naked women with strategically-placed bongs and bags of weed. Classy.  And completely outdated.


Are males the only ones that purchase and use cannabis growing supplies and equipment?


I hate to burst any bubbles, but get this: I’m a female that buys growing supplies. Gasp! And, spoiler alert, I’m not the only one out there. As states continue to legalize cannabis, it is time for more integrity and thought in cannabis industry advertising. Those companies that objectify women as part of their marketing efforts are companies that I won’t buy from, and I doubt I’m the only one with that opinion.

Haven’t we moved beyond the clichés, with images of skanky women posing with bags of bud and smoking accessories? Are guys seriously swayed in their purchasing behavior based on  such a lame marketing ploy?  I don’t recall seeing any ads featuring shirtless men with six packs. If things are going to be equal between the sexes, then let’s be equal.

Companies need to move away from the trashy, underground black-market stereotypes and move to more accurate depictions of their products – namely their features and benefits, not bene-tits. I choose to support companies and businesses that have a real interest in moving the industry forward, not back.