Establishing a Foundation

Early in my tenure at Shadowbox Farms, the company was embarking on the difficult task of establishing its mission, vision and values. I was lucky enough to be invited to help guide the process. We first brought the whole team to together to brainstorm what was important to our young company. Then we formed a committee that ultimately owned the responsibility. The experience was rewarding as the team worked hard and gave the process the respect it deserved. After all, this would be the foundation for the company going forward.

Last week we introduced our newly crafted mission, vision and values during an all-staff meeting at our farm in Williams, Oregon. It felt the like the appropriate setting for such an important moment in our company’s history. That day we established that we would be “stewards of the cannabis industry,” guided by values, and driven to create a world-class company that would lead the industry and set new standards.

Our Mission

Stewards of the Cannabis Industry

Our Vision

As stewards of Oregon’s craft cannabis industry, we are committed to building an inclusive, transparent and innovative community. In the process, we intend to foster career opportunities in an ethos that embodies love and respect—all while crafting high-quality products.

We demonstrate thought leadership with responsible business practices, willingness to collaborate, and a commitment to cultivating equity and trust within the industry. Through advocacy, education and normalization we are building the future of cannabis we believe in.

Our Values

  • We value Curiosity and Thinkingideas are a good thing.
  • We always strive to Assume Positive Intent.
  • We demand Operational Excellence.
  • We believe in Being Presentshow-up.
  • We welcome Honest Candor.