Consuming Happiness

Harvesting happiness? How about consuming happiness? Cannabis (especially outdoor grown) is a source of pure, unadulterated happiness for me. I love the unpredictable sensory experience that sungrown cannabis provides.

SIGHT: I like to keep different strains in small glass mason jars, and that way I can peek at bud structure when I’m still on the fence in terms of what to smoke that day. Am I in the mood for a loose, less dense bud that will break apart easily? Or do I feel like a sticky, compact little nug that’s coated in trichomes? Do I feel like smoking a beautiful purple bud or a bright green one?

FEEL: The joy begins when I pick out a bud and give it a little squeeze – I love feeling the bud’s density – how a nice, dank, dense bud smooshes down and then bounces back when I release it. I love how the different shapes (round, conical, oval) feel between my fingers.

SMELL: I love the smell of cannabis, from the citrus notes in an Agent Orange strain to that wonderful, stanky-danky note in a Sour Diesel. I’m admittedly not nearly as practiced as some of my co-workers in identifying phenotypes, but it’s something I’m working on. One day I want to be what I call a ‘cannabis-sommelier’. I admire the hell out of those that can quickly identify notes of lime or grape without the slightest bit of hesitation.

TASTE: I’ve tasted all sorts of interesting flavors that range from floral to culinary herb to dirt (that particular strain was called Dirty Girl and the ‘dirt’ in the name of the batch I consumed definitely applied). Right now my favorite stains have more of an herbal/floral flavor. Next month my tastes might change, and I could be searching for a more citrus or resinous flavor.

SOUND: There have been claims (unsubstantiated, I might add) that cannabis can improve hearing. So, while cannabis doesn’t improve my hearing ability per se, it does raise levels of dopamine. I love how cannabis enhances my reaction to audio stimuli. 

The effects of cannabis on the mind and body are just starting to be understood. As more states legalize cannabis, more research and data will be available to dissect the influence cannabis has on the senses. I’m excited to learn more about the benefits of consuming happiness.