Conversations with Grandma

How honest am I with my family about my cannabis use? As honest as Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions are about their experiences?

“Then why not legalize heroin? I mean, their argument fails just on that basis. Let’s legalize cocaine. Let’s legalize heroin. Let’s legalize angel dust. Let’s legalize all of it. What’s the difference? Let everybody choose”…
-New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie
“Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”
-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Recently I was talking to my Grandma (who lives in Florida), and the conversation found its way to my cannabis consumption habits. Gloria mostly understands my usage, but worries sometimes, which makes sense due to the information that was available when she was growing up (our deal is that she will worry less if I can use cannabis for two years without it becoming a gateway to illicit drugs). So when she asked me how much I use and spend on a day-to-day basis, I froze for a moment.


Part of me wanted to take the easy route. I wanted to tell her it was something I did sparingly as a way to relax after a hard week, but the more often we talk the more I find myself wanting to be completely honest with her about how cannabis has positively impacted my life, because if I’m not, who will?


So we talked about how sometimes I’ll use a tincture in the morning to help loosen my body up for physical therapy instead of taking ibuprofen. We talked about strains like Black Lime Reserve that I smoke when others would drink coffee. But most importantly we talked about how important a state of being is to people, and how people seek and attain those states of being in different ways. We aren’t there yet, but someday I hope she will smoke with me, because for me cannabis has been a “gateway drug” to more patience, love and acceptance of myself and others, and that’s something I see her cultivating in herself every day.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”





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